Hardware in computer structure defines as those devices visible to user in contract to the invisible ones, so called software. Hardware's function differs from its structure. Printer is served for printing; motherboard is designed for computing, memorizing & logical reasoning; VGA is made for output those colorful graphics. Without spirit, human body cannot do anything meant for life. However, without software, those functions and works cannot be done. Same reason applies to either scientific world or human society.

Re-typed verbatim from an early 1990s era VGA card manual. If you have trouble understanding it, I think it's because there's a typo: "contract" was used where "contrast" was meant. Given that correction, I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting your VGA card installed, after which you should be congratulated:

We appreciate your cooperation. You have done a good job. This is a brand new start and you certainly will travel something ever so interesting later. Now you are the master of hardware......